Cheetah Medical’s French Distributor SEBAC SA to Supply Starling SV Monitoring Systems to Paris’ Public Hospital System

NEWTON, Mass., June 14, 2018 — Cheetah Medical, a Massachusetts-based leader in non-invasive fluid management devices, today announced that its French distributor, SEBAC SA, has been awarded the contract to supply Starling SV non-invasive fluid management solutions to the public hospital system of Paris and its suburbs. The four-year deal with Assistance Publique des Hopitaux de Paris (APHP), with an estimated value of $3.6M (€3M), calls for the Starling SV Hemodynamic Monitoring System, a 100 percent noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring system used for volume management and perfusion optimization, to be installed in more than 40 hospitals around Greater Paris.

The 2013 guidelines issued by the Société Française d ‘anesthesie et de Réanimation (SFAR) stress the need for continuous monitoring of a high-risk patient’s stroke volume to guide fluid management during and after surgery. Previously, only a minority of operating rooms were equipped with a hemodynamic monitoring system, primarily due to the complexity of available systems and their invasive and labor-intensive application.

By contrast, the Starling SV Hemodynamic Monitoring System is non-invasive, measuring blood flow centrally and favorably validated against more invasive methods including the Swan Ganz catheter[1].  In addition to measurement accuracy, the Starling SV Hemodynamic Monitoring system is as easy to use as an ECG recording machine — no calibration, no positing and repositioning of probes are needed.

“The adoption of the SFAR 2013 guidelines will take a significant step forward now that physicians at Parisien and suburban public hospitals have a simple and easy to use monitor to help guide clinical decision-making,” said Doug Hansell, M.D., Chief Physician Executive at Cheetah Medical. “Proper fluid management has been shown to reduce surgical complications and improve patient outcomes. Together with our partner SEEBAC SA, we are thrilled that APHP has made a commitment to ensure this modern technology is in place in all of its hospitals in Paris and surrounding suburbs.”

The Cheetah Starling™ SV system is designed to give clinicians the full hemodynamic picture of their patient. Because the device measures centrally, it provides accurate and precise hemodynamic data straight from the source, unlike traditional measures that indirectly assess hemodynamics by measuring blood pressure, end organ function (urine output, mentation) or biomarkers such as lactate. Details about the Cheetah Starling™ SV monitoring technology can be found at


About Cheetah Medical

Cheetah Medical is the pioneer and leading global provider of 100 percent non-invasive fluid management monitoring technologies, designed for use in critical care, operating room and emergency department settings. The CHEETAH Starling™ SV is fast becoming the gold standard in fluid management, as it provides immediate, dynamic assessments of fluid responsiveness, enabling clinicians to make more confident and informed treatment for their patients. Moreover, recent research from the University of Kansas Medical Center has shown effective fluid management can reduce hospital ICU stays by an average of 2.89 days, reduce risk of mechanical ventilation and initiation of acute dialysis, saving over $14,000 in medical costs per patient. The company’s fluid management systems currently make an impact in more than 400 hospitals throughout the U.S. and in 30 countries worldwide.

[1] Squara P, Denjean D, Estagnasie P, Brusset A, Dib J, Dubois C. Noninvasive cardiac output monitoring (NICOM): a clinical validation. Intensive Care Medicine 2007; 33: 1191-1194.