Case Studies

We intentionally maintain a limited number of investments in each fund to allow for high levels of focus and support. With this approach, we are able to customize our efforts to address the specific needs of each company. We develop strategies and invest the necessary time and capital to bring our companies to a point of having multiple exit opportunities.

The following case studies demonstrate a variety of investment and exit models all conceived and executed within the HighCape investment structure.

Cheetah Medical was the first HighCape Capital investment. In 2014, shortly after the close of fund I, HighCape invested in this highly innovative company commercializing a new, and novel, approach to non-invasive cardiac output and hemodynamic monitoring. At the time of the initial investment, the commercial results were not meeting expectations and existing investors believed change was needed.

As is typical, the HighCape team rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Over the next few years, our team was instrumental in helping reshape the leadership of the company, including both company management and the board of directors. HighCape also invested tremendous time and energy working with company leadership rethinking the entire commercial model from pricing to the sales organization to product development. These adjustments, combined with multiple rounds of capital investment, fundamentally changed the trajectory of the company. As the company continued to grow, HighCape strongly advocated for continued infusions of capital with the primary goal of driving topline revenue while also maintaining the dynamic research and development organization based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In 2019, the company was acquired by Baxter International. Aside from the obvious acquisition of the innovative marketed products and associated revenue, Baxter also considered the Israeli based R&D organization a key component of the acquisition.

In September of 2020, HighCape Capital announced a $115M Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the fund’s first Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC). The SPAC quickly garnered attention and interest based on the HighCape partners’ reputations as experienced investors and operators.

Just six months later, HighCape announced a definitive merger agreement with Quantum-Si (QSi). QSi invested more than seven years and $180M developing a ground-breaking platform technology poised to revolutionize the field of proteomic research and was preparing to commercialize the initial portfolio of products while continuing to develop and enhance the technology for future products and applications.

The HighCape team rapidly structured the transaction and efficiently completed diligence. The transaction included a $425M private investment in public equity (PIPE) financing, in addition to the HighCape SPAC cash of $115M. From negotiating the LOI to closing and announcing the merger agreement was less than 60 days, far quicker than typical transactions of this size and complexity.

From the beginning of the process the HighCape team quickly leveraged partner and advisor experience within the geonomics and Life Sciences tools markets. This content specific expertise allowed the HighCape team to provide significant insights on company messaging, investor relations, board composition, leadership development and capital requirements.